1997 Subaru Sambar Dias Classic (Beige)

We have this super neat 1997 Subaru Sambar Classic Dias up for sale!
This Subaru Sambar Dias Kei Van only has 28k km & comes powered with a 660cc engine, 5 Speed Manual Transmission & 4WD.
Super cool Retro-style appearance package.
While the exterior dimensions are tiny, almost all of that space is usable inside. The rear seats can be fold flat making the rear cargo area 6′ long that way you can actually treat it as a cargo carrier.
This Sambar is surprisingly quick around town & is capable of high 70 mph & such a blast fun to drive!
Maintenance/ Detail
– Mobil 1 oil change
– Top Engine Cleaner
– Tire Balance
– New Battery
– 1 Step Paint correction & sealant